At Pic A Frame, our goal is to ensure that your photos and art match your style and your space by providing a range of affordable, well-crafted frames. When it comes to a wide and varied inventory of picture frames, Huntsville, AL residents have a long history of depending on our products and services. We have over 2,000 samples for you to choose from, and we also offer an extensive selection of photo frames.

With so many options, it can be tough to choose only one! We always have an experienced framer on hand should you have any questions or need help making your final decision.

We specialize in shadowbox frames, which are deep boxes with glass coverings over the top. They are often used to display multiple photos or photo-related memorabilia. These types of frames can also be used to house collections and treasured possessions, including knife collections, christening gowns, and sports memorabilia like baseball gloves, golf balls, football jerseys, and more. The shadowbox frame protrudes from the wall when hung, so they are not ideal for all spaces.

We have many other types of frames available, but these are just a few options from our inventory. For a wide selection of picture frames, Huntsville, AL customers recommend Pic A Frame. Browse our site or contact us for more information!